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Arts in Education Program

Gotham Chamber Opera’s intimate approach to opera guides our Arts in Education program which is based on the method of scenic interpretation. The primary goal of the program is to stimulate and enrich youth artistic engagement and development through an in-depth education of opera and direct interaction with our productions and resident artists. Ultimately, we aim to instill a lifelong artistic curiosity in teenage students, many of whom might not otherwise pursue advanced training at mainstream collegiate arts institutions.

Principally, scenic interpretation, developed and pioneered in Europe and mainstay in European arts in education programs, involves helping students to create and experience the ‘reality’ of the drama themselves, rather than the more common lecture-based approach of communicating details of the plot from a purely historical perspective. The lesson begins with a very short overview of the composer and the opera, whereupon the students create and present an individual position, movement, and description that embody an assigned character. The real characters are then introduced, and the students combine their original ideas with the libretto and score. The combination of the libretto with the students’ interpretation yields a unique combination that forms a necessarily engaged understanding of the work at hand. After a trip to the performance, the students then compare their own interpretations to the composer’s operatic choices, and thus come to a deeper appreciation of the opera.

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